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My name is Kimberly and i am a wife, mother of three with a full time job. Lugo’s Wicked Candles all started when a family member in the home had a medical condition, which made them very sensitive to certain things and certain smells. I loved having scented candles in my home so I started researching the best types of waxes for sensitive people. I then started making my own candles, and i quickly discovered a passion for it plus I loved creating something wonderful. All my creations are handmade and hand-poured by me. So what started out as just a hobby is becoming a small business. I enjoy trying out fragrances and colors. Although because soy wax has a creamy white color naturally all dyes added to soy wax will make the wax color more pastel but I think that pastel colors are very beautiful. My candles might be dyed or just all natural soy wax. I make all my candles in my own kitchen on my days off and they are all hand-poured by me in small batches. By keeping the batches small I can be confident that my candles are in good quality.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes once a company becomes a franchise or just a larger scale company the quality of their products drop? That is because to mass market any product takes a lot of work and many employees that some companies are forced cut back on what made their products special in order to keep up with the demand. For me staying a small business and just enjoy the candle making process is a success. Plus by staying small i can be sure that what i sale is affordable and the best quality.

Has a smell ever made you remember a specific event or time in your life? 

Odors have the exceptional ability to instantaneously trigger vivid autobiographical memories, and transporting properties, an ability to unexpectedly bring you to a place in the past. So to me odors are like keys that unlock vivid memories.  That’s why I put keys on the label and for the torch as the I in wicked well that’s a symbol of my passion to create. I love how fragrances could bring me back to my grandmothers house or even a vacation with my family. 

I invite you to browse my site and find a fragrance that will unlock many special memories for you.

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